Introducing HYBRIS, a next-generation insulation solution

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HYBRIS Smart Estimator

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HYBRIS is a cutting-edge insulation material designed specifically for a range of applications, including timber frame or masonry walls, pitched roofs, ceilings, and suspended timber floors.

An innovative insulation technology

HYBRIS is an advanced reflective insulation product that utilises a honeycomb structure consisting of shaped polyethylene foams adhered to aluminum-coated polyethylene foils.

Its exceptional thermal performance stems from a unique structure featuring numerous low emissivity cavities, which are shielded from dust and excessive air movement.

Furthermore, the external films with low emissivity enhance thermal resistance when combined with the air cavities.

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Are you tired of high utility bills and dealing with condensation and mold problems in your home?

If you're seeking a cleaner and more modern insulation solution, look no further than HYBRIS insulation. It's the answer to reducing your costs and addressing your property's issues. Discover how Countrywide Roofing & Insulation can assist you today!

Why choose HYBRIS insulation?

HYBRIS is one of the newly recognised insulation products on the market, due to its ease of installation combined with its superior insulation and air tightness properties. HYBRIS streamlines installation processes without requiring any changes to the existing procedures, resulting in reduced installation time.

  • High certified thermal performance
  • High acoustic comfort
  • Durable Iinsulation
  • Healthy and indoor friendly
  • Summer and winter comfort
  • Does not sag over time

Our process


Meet & greet

Step 1

Meet and greet at your property at arranged time. Discuss your HYBRIS installation with you installer. Work commences with the floor protection being applied to ensure a clean home working environment.


Step 2

Prepare the loft for your installation, cover or move all valuable items. Carry out remedial works if required, tap the panels down to ensure they are level before cutting, and set up our equipment.

Cut and fit HYBRIS

Step 3

Measure between the timbers, and cut HYBRIS wider than the gap. This enables us to friction-fit the HYBRIS into position. Tape HYBRIS panels together with tape. Repeating the process until full coverage of loft space is complete.


Step 4

Once the installation is complete we take some final photos of our work. Your installation team will clear their equipment from your loft, hoover through and remove dust sheets. We will ask you to take a look at our work making sure you are completely happy.

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A good job well done, the peace of mind this treatment gives is worth the money, the team even power washed our front path. Take the option of a free survey and see if you could benefit from this treatment to your property.

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